Plan International Belgium raises brand awareness

The French-speaking Belgian audience wasn’t familiar with Plan International and the work they do. Time to use the power of video to raise some awareness.


Plan International Belgium





The challenge

The French-speaking Belgian audience wasn’t familiar with Plan International Belgium and the work they do. But this video (and radio) campaign on football as the driver for social change, changed that.

The solution

Sometimes you need to use people who’ve already made a name for themselves to really grab your audience by the feels.

Fiery street interviews

Julie Biesmans, football player of the Belgian Red Flames and Plan International ambassador went undercover as an interviewer in Brussels and Luik. No one knew who she was until the reveal, but they could all name a few of her male counterparts. The looks of surprise exposed the divide between men and women in sports.

A comment on inequality

July 12, Belgium-Russia, half time. Football fans all over Wallonia suddenly heard the familiar voice of Michel Lecomte. He comments on footage of a female football player working her way through societal obstacles in the form of text-on-screen to score a goal. While he grabbed the attention, her actions did the talking.

Text-on-screen villains

By turning the text-on-screen into actual opponents we could personify the social constructs while keeping them ‘faceless’. If you can’t put a face or name to a threat, it feels even more daunting.

The result

The videos can be seen on Auvio and the different channels of Plan International where they’ve been seen by many.

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