Turnstone - A mother’s voice

Explain the Conect for Children (C4C) project in an accessible but convincing way to the public.







The challenge

"No one wants their child to be used as a guinea pig, yet we happily give them medicine that’s only been tested on adults.“

To make proper medical testing in children more widespread, Turnstone needed to explain the Conect for Children (C4C) project in an accessible but convincing way to the public. To do that, they needed a strong story with awareness and consideration elements.

The solution

An authoritative voice that opens with a healthy dose of common sense and some amazing transitions let us craft a story that not only drew the attention of our audience, but it also made them more receptive to our message.

Look who’s talking

To give the whole video a testimonial-like feel, we chose to voice the story from a mother’s perspective. A mother’s voice is an authority when the subject is children. It’s also easier to accept truths from your peers, especially in a time where distrust in institutions is ubiquitous.

Mesmerizing transitions

From the first second to the last, every sentence the voice over says is perfectly synced with the transitions in animation. This shows the cleverness of our art directors to integrate fluidity into the video and keep the viewer captivated.

An opening statement

Some differences between children and adults are glaringly obvious, but some aren’t. By putting things like the ability to get a driver’s license next to the ability to metabolize medicine, it was easier to convince them of the need for testing in children.

The result

As a result, this video was the best-watched video on the C4C YouTube channel with 6000 views in about 4 months, all organic reach. Besides that, the video was also pushed on social media where it became the best scoring post in the previous months.

It was even featured in internal and external newsletters and received some glowing reviews. Right now, Turnstone is developing separate landing pages for the C4C project, where the video will serve as an introduction to the initiative.

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