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How do you present Unilin as a stimulating environment that applauds ambition? The answer: an unconventional series of testimonials






The challenge

Unilin needed to fill 50 job vacancies for starting engineers one year in time. Since they’re always trying to innovate, Unilin was looking for young graduates specifically. But how do you reach those people? How do you make clear that you’re a stimulating environment that applauds ambition and lets you do the impossible?

The solution

A well-thought-out visual style and lots of extractions can turn a website-based video into a full-funnel campaign, and lower the cost per conversion.

Know your audience

Freshly graduated engineers are used to a certain standard when it comes to audiovisual content. A standard testimonial doesn’t cut it on social media anymore. That’s why we developed a strong visual style with a high-end feel.

Content, content, content

By shooting the different model Young Graduates all in one day, we were able to squeeze in a couple of group shots. This gave us the possibility to add an extra dimension to the videos by allowing interaction between the Young Graduates. And all this material is also a great asset for social media use.

It always starts with a plan

Long-form content isn’t really suited to social media. That’s why we developed everything with a teasing campaign in the back of our minds. The visual style we developed for the text on screen served perfectly as an attention grabber. We even went beyond video (or we took a step back, depends on how you look at it) and we used stills with a clear call-to-action to prevent ad fatigue.

The result

At the moment of writing this article, the campaign isn’t fully finished yet. But we can already divulge that in the first three months of running the campaign, we attracted 33 qualitative leads. This comes down to a cost of €169,90 per conversion instead of €350,00 through conventional means. And that’s all thanks to these four insights.

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