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We created 60+ videos for Uitgeverij Van In, and took care of everything: the set, the planning, the concepts, and the execution.


Van In




Create an online academy

The challenge

Uitgever Van In is a publisher that specializes in creating educational tools for the primary and secondary education system. They were looking for a video partner to support them throughout their video journey.

They chose StoryMe because of our ability to take care of everything: the set, the planning, the concepts, and the execution.

The solution

A strong creative concept can unify different video formats, from product testimonials to practical presentations.

Consistency is key

Since we were tasked with creating over sixty videos in a short period of time, we decided to focus on getting the brand and visual style right. We took the Van In brand and made it three-dimensional in a studio setting.

Quantity without loss of quality

Preliminary interviews

A teleprompter is a handy tool… if you’re a newscaster. For amateurs, this often becomes a reading exercise and we lose the authenticity of the speakers. So, we opted to go for guided interviews which meant asking the right questions. To get our questions straight, we did preliminary interviews.

Editor on set

Normally, editing happens in post-production. Having our editor on set proved to be a massive time saver. We could select the right shots then and there without having to sift through hours of video material, only to discover that a certain shot isn’t exactly what it should be.

A comforting crew

Teachers may be good public speakers, but a camera can fluster anyone. That’s why we choose our crew based on their social skills too. They comfort the speakers and show them the ropes, while shooting quality video at the same time.

The result

The results are 60+ videos that ooze ‘Uitgeverij Van In’. From the first couple of seconds, you know that it’s one of their videos, whether you’re watching a testimonial or an information session.

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