Woodwize - Discriminatie werkt niet

For an awareness video series against discrimination, we chose to put the viewer in the shoes of those who were discriminated against. An experimental frame-by-frame animation style, chaotic sound and overwhelming voice overs created the right atmosphere.




Lumber Industry


Raise awareness around discrimintation

The challenge

Woodwize is the representative of the wood industry in Belgium. Just like any other sector, the wood industry isn’t free from discrimination. Discrimination can be found in gender, origin, limitations and sexuality and can creep into any professional setting. Woodwize didn’t want to sit by idly. So they asked us to help them create a video campaign.

The solution

Discrimination is often very subtle. Those who make discriminatory remarks sometimes don’t even know they’re doing it. But for those who are the subject of discrimination, it’s often one ‘innocent’ remark after another. So, we wanted to put our audience in their shoes. A little bit of forced empathy if you will.

The disclaimer

We decided to start the video with a disclaimer as they do on television. Even though at first glance the expressions in the video are not overtly racist or discriminatory. The goal here was to have the viewer ask themselves the question, “I sometimes say things like this, would people find this shocking?”

The remarks

The remarks, on their own, can be seen as “innocent”. Sometimes you don’t know any better, you know. But when you put them all together, said by many different people, it suddenly feels much more aggressive.

The eclectic style

We chose to go for an experimental frame-by-frame animation, where we mostly used shapes and colors. We wanted to create a chaotic atmosphere. This worked really well together with the sound and voice-overs.

The result

The video was displayed throughout the different companies within the wood sector. A survey followed to check the effectiveness of the campaign. People indicated to be much more aware of what they say and to whom.

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