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June 15, 2023

StoryMe overhauls brand & identity


In 2013, a video agency that created one minute animated explainers was founded in Ghent. A decade later and StoryMe has blossomed into a full-fledged video marketing company, boasting expertise in live and animation. Now, it’s time to take things one step further - the sky is the limit after all, right? Introducing: the new StoryMe. (Yes, we killed the penguin)

These past few months, it’s been all hands on deck to rebrand StoryMe. And while we’re proud of our new logo and brand design, our values and identity have evolved too. Finally, we can spill the beans.

  • Embracing technology: technology, and especially AI, is changing the creative landscape. StoryMe intends to stay at the forefront of innovation. We see technology as a way to augment our imagination and gain more time for what truly matters - creativity.
  • Client centric mindset: more than ever, we focus on what truly matters: our clients. Everything we do revolves around them, their business, and their goals. Our dedicated team was and will always be a single phone call or click away. Servicing our clients continues to be top priority. No wonder we have over 160 recurring clients.
  • Opening up creative possibilities: if it happens on a screen, StoryMe can do it. We’re stepping away from pure video marketing and we’re making the shift to entertainment. We’ll be launching new services with technology at the core, think VR, gaming, interactive video…

Attracting new talent

Moving forward, we rearranged our management. Louis Gheysens joined our team as the new CEO. Having extensive experience in the agency world, coming from renowned creative agencies such as Duval Guillaume, Emakina and AIR. Louis has the right skillset to make sure StoryMe and the StoryMe Group will prove successful.

That also means Dimitri Van Hoe (CEO since 2021) will be taking on a new role. Dimitri played an important role in the new start of StoryMe. In the past few years, he laid out the groundwork for the new StoryMe, taking the quality of our video productions to the next level. As COO, Dimitri keeps an eye on the practicals and makes sure that everything runs smoothly, connecting our different departments and implementing changes that make our company better and our people more happy.

Additionally, we made some structural changes to our creative team. First of all, we have attracted new talent to empower us throughout our journey. One of them being Vince Buyssens, our AI captain. Several new people will be joining StoryMe in the next coming months, and take StoryMe to the next level.

International ambitions

Yes, those are some ambitious goals.  And there’s even more! The coming years, we’re transforming into a full content agency where creative technology and entertainment will be an integral part. Because in today’s fast-changing and competitive market, technology will be key.

StoryMe will hit that sweet spot between technology and creativity perfectly. In our (humble) opinion, it’s the only way to create maximum impact in a sustainable way.  We want to create content for every screen, every target audience, everywhere and always. But not just any content: content that sticks. We’ll be operating on an international level soon - we’re ready to conquer Europe.

We’re excited to see what the next ten years of StoryMe will bring. Okay, let’s go!



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