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ZF Wind
ZF explains the launch of their modular and scalable gearbox, allowing for scalable wind energy production.
Educating consumers on how to use Eastpak's new TSA approved luggage lock feature.
Le Pain Quotidien.png
The launch of a new client app to collect rewards, order food, pay online, and more as illustrated in under one minute.
Parkle created an app to tackle the parking problem within busy cities by crowdsourcing parking spots.
Xpenditure's cloud based tool helps you manage all your companies business expenses while saving your precious time.
Quality means everything to Lay's! They explain to their consumers how fresh produce like potatoes are sensitive to outside factors.
Coca-Cola’s B2C history at a glance, with their growing portfolio and plans for the future illustrated under two minutes.
Patented and creative design solutions explained to inspire architects, designers and more.
UberEats promotes their new delivery service app for Brussels' inhabitants that are craving something delicious.
Revolutionising the painting industry, Graco compares old and new ways of working to convince consumers to make the change.
EY Mediafin wanted to give some simple tips & tricks on how to attract the right people for your startup.
Deficom Sports Fair invited everyone to discover the worderful world of sports federations to find their next challenge.
Vedett engaged their customers by having them create their very own personalized labels and featuring them on their website.
A startup shares their drive, ambitions, and passions with the modern consumer looking to connect with a company.
A corporate video tackles the why behind their eco-friendly deliveries as well as their wide range of services.
BDO lets everyone who needs advice or consulting know that they run the extra mile for them.
Juice Junkies.png
This mix of animation and live video showcases how Juice Junkies fruit smoothies are the ultimate in fresh.
Yves Rocher.png
A mix of animation and live video clearly illustrates the newest product of Yves Rocher and its benefits.
Infrabel wants to introduce a new communication tool to its employees and show them how to use it.
Trigger wants to become a thought leader in myofascial therapy education.
Springpress creates high-quality springing systems for flatwork ironers and is a market leader in this industry.
St.-Feuillien launches its newest brew "Grisette" and wants to appeal to a female audience.
Decathlon opens a new store in Ghent and is looking for new employees.
Stone Internet Services wants to clarify its hosting services in a short and fun video.
The European Charcot Foundation invites its target audience to their 25th annual meeting about multiple sclerosis.
Datacore wants to highlight its IT-consulting and licensing services.
Brussels Projects.png
Brussels Projects is looking for investors for an interesting new real estate project.
Graydon wants to incorporate a more human touch in its digitalisation.
An aftermovie of WebTomorrow that shows the event's DNA and shares high-level content.
Van Roey.png
Van Roey Vastgoed wants to create awareness about the services they offer as a project developer.
SBS Belgium.png
A snackable video showing the new app for the Flemish series "De Mol".
Qubrik is looking for investors for a new real estate project in Brussels.
Vanden Broele.png
Van den Broele launched 3 books with (digital) education about wine.
Parkd introduces a device for hassle-free parking. No more worrying about change or parking tickets.
Bryo by VOKA supports bright young entrepreneurs.
A tutorial on how to adjust the lower end position of your awning.
Nationale Loterij.png
Nationale Loterij wants to highlight their "Cash" product.
Nationale Loterij' sports betting tool, "Scooore!".
Haven Van Antwerpen.png
Port of Antwerp wants to create a sustainable environment that will be an added value for her residents.
Realdolmen creates strategic ICT for happy customers and employees.
Beobank presents its online banking app.
ASML merges with HMI, but how does this affect its employees?
UIBS wants to draw attention to its international educational programs.
Toerisme Limburg.png
A video that highlights Limburg's benefits and asks people to contribute to their website.
Birdee shows users the new generation of saving money using a fully digital solution.
Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions and stands for engineering that enables the best imaginable future.
Become a kickass Adobe specialist with Typografics Academy.
Broederlijk Delen.png
Broederlijk Delen fights poverty and inequality in the world.
Joker shows its range of travel formulas in a captivating video.
Omnia Travel.png
Omnia Travel introduces its new tool CYTRIC, ideal for booking all your business trips online.
A video that shows DEME's environmental solutions for Bilbao.
Plan België.png
Plan België is an independent, child-oriented development organization.
Right Management.png
Right Management helps organizations and professionals increase their agility and performance by guiding them in their talent and career management.
Cafe-X makes simple, accessible and productive collaboration tools to make people connect.
BNP Paribas.png
BNP Paribas is on the lookout for Assistant Relationship Managers and explains the needed qualities for this function.
Synchro created a completely natural medicine to relieve arthritis and chronic pain.
Deutsche Bank.png
Want to buy that beautiful cabana you've been looking at for 2 months? Check out what Deutsche Bank can offer you.
LIDL might be more sustainable than you think. Take a look at their sustainability plan for 2020.
Nexxworks inspires organizations to act on their Day After Tomorrow.
Foodcycle provides meals for lonely and vulnerable people, who benefit from a person they can talk to.
IMEC is the biggest independant European research centre for creating possibilities that shape the future.
The end of the Gin Tonic era has come... Time for something new: Stalinskaya Original!
Bayer's invitation for their event to celebrate 10 years of Xarelto: a prescription anticoagulant.
Visser & Smit Hanab.png
A corporate video showing why Visser & Smit Hanab is an expert in their field and why other companies should work with them.



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