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Our challenge? Teaching teachers - the most difficult of students - with a schoolweek worth of content and that without teacher-student interactivity. Uitgeverij Van In is a publisher specialized in creating educational tools for the primary and secondary education system. They wanted to develop a virtual info session that consisted out of 60+ videos.

To create such a huge quantity of video without the loss of quality, we chose for consistency in the set, the concept and the execution. To avoid turning the videos into reading exercises for our cast, we went with an interview format. A preliminary interview and coaching sessions helped us to extract the right info during the shooting days.

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Having our editor on set allowed us to select the right shots then and there, saving us hours in post production. By dividing the info session into several bite-sized videos, we were able to keep the attention of our audience.

(01)  — credits

Art Director method and information sessions: Dries Coomans

Art Director iDiddit testimonial: Karel Verpoest

Copywriter iDiddit testimonial: Kobe Viaene

Head of Production: Tatijana Ćulumarević

Creative Director: Tone De Cooman

Producer: Pauline Ryckebusch

Production Assistant: Ibram Uytterschaut

Account Manager: Tom Staels

Decor: Willy Hebbrecht

Camera: Jurgen Geevels

1AC: Charly Van De Drick

Gaffer: Patrick Haegeman

MUA: Madona Iremashvili

Editor: Glenn Merckx, Arthur Claesen

Motion Design: Frederik Mertens, Michael Backaert, Renaat Stuijk

Sound: Maarten Leemans, Jeroen Dejonghe, Ive Vankrunkelsven, Iavor Angelov, Leander Leenders, Ruben Pauwels

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