Moët Hennessy




Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessey’s liquor cabinet is mighty impressive. To help their sales and marketing teams, and also their internal partners, Moët needed captivating video content to compliment their online training academy.

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We took our time to create a visual style that suited Moët Hennessey’s brand, and a voice that matches their personality. We found that an aquarelle style best reflected MH’s mood of luxury, craftsmanship and quality. Combined with certain cut-out elements, we made sure to keep the different brands recognizable throughout the videos as well.

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Producer: Cedric De Maré

Account Manager: Martin Callebaut

Art Director: Amber Pelegrin

Script: Kobe Viaene

Motion Design: Sebastien Deom, Bavo Croes

Sound: Leander Leenders

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