690.000 people die of AIDS each year. The research-based biopharmaceutical company Gilead is committed to the combat stigma, discrimination and health disparities surrounding HIV. For the 40-year ‘anniversary’ of AIDS, they wanted to seize this opportunity to generate awareness. We created a mini-series for them where we researched the history and evolution of HIV and AIDS in eight compelling interviews with specialists.

The strength of this mini-series lies in its authenticity. We speak with real experts, real AIDS-research pioneers and let them talk about their experiences. We used archive footage and audio fragments in combination with animation to visualize the timeline. The goal here was to create immersion and to show how every topic has its place in time.

(02)  —  Subtitle

Our mini-series helped bring the topic of AIDS back into the public eye, encouraging patients to speak up about their disease. It gave them more confidence to advocate for the care they deserve.

(01)  — credits

Creative Director: Tone De Cooman

Producer: Christine Van Nuffel

Account Manager: Martin Callebaut

Art Director Animation: Michael Backaert

Art Director Film: Dries Coomans

Directors: Kristof Lauwers, Dries Coomans

Editor: Kristof Lauwers

Motion Design: Bavo Croes, Sebastien Deom

Sound: Leander Leenders

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