Start-up accelerator Birdhouse wanted to launch "Birdhouse Masterclass", a new e-learning solution that aims to provide answers to certain challenges the founders of Belgian start-ups and scale-ups face. This sub-brand of Birdhouse also needed its own identity. Developing a new identity for an existing brand is about finding the balance between recognition and differentiation. For this purpose, our illustrator and brand designer created a multi-purpose branding that’s fit for video, website and other marketing efforts.

When you're creating e-learning videos, atmosphere and aesthetics are equally as important as the content itself to keep the viewer engaged. What better way to capture the spirit of ‘homeschooling’ than an actual birdhouse as the new logo? We even had a life-sized version of it custom-made to use on set.

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To make sure things ran smoothly, the StoryMe team also offered a media training workshop to the speakers, because even the most experienced speakers can be thrown off balance when put in front of a camera!

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