The FUTURE of FILM MAKING with Generative AI

Welcome to Latent Land

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

- Albert Einstein

Why Welcome to Latent Land?

In the past few months, here at StoryMe we have seen amazing new stories and mediums of thought unfold from AI's Latent Space.

Video-2-video, text-2-video, NERFs, AnimateDiff... when it comes to tools to express ourselves, we couldn't have been more spoiled.

But as much as we've been enjoying experimenting with synthetic storytelling through all these fantastic tools, we did feel the Generative AI space needed a narrative built around a tangible, human core instead of the other way around. 

This is why we set out to create "Welcome to Latent Land", a homage to both human creativity and the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

We've always seen AI as a calculator for the creative mind, and thanks to tools like Midjourney, Runway, WarpFusion, Kaiber, ... we have been able to express ideas that have been in our collective minds for years.

And while the Generative Video AI tools used in this video may not be perfect yet, the creative process did give us a glimpse of the future of video content and storytelling.

Before AI, the creative output was often the end of the creative process. Now, it's just the beginning,  marking a profound shift in how content will be produced going forward.

Yet, the impact of Generative AI on our industry goes further than just giving us new tools to play with. Its disruption is unparalleled, reshaping the very nature and workflows of art directors, copywriters, motion designers , and 3D artists.

How we augmented imagination

The behind-the-scenes video was created not only to share our creative process, but also the experiences of our team adapting to this new paradigm.

Indeed, our jobs are evolving in ways we've never seen before, and no human will ever be able to surpass AI's ability to combine so many references and styles. However, a human's creative skills and instincts are still crucial when it comes to identifying what truly looks good and curating the infinite possibilities generated by AI.

Blueprint for an AI manifesto

As we embrace these principles at StoryMe, we invite our entire industry to contribute their insights and experiences.
We aim to turn our collective ideas into an industry-wide manifesto, shaping a future where AI augments our imagination and provides a new cultural canvas for the 21st century and beyond.

In essence, we see AI as:

a new paradigm that doesn't replace human creativity but rather augments it

a technological evolution that should be embraced as a journey, not a race

a tool of unburdening yourself by offloading routine tasks to it...

...but also as a starting point for new mediums of thoughts and narratives

a societal and cultural disruptor that requires new conventions about copyright and transparency



Creative Director
Tone De Cooman
Executive Producer
Tatijana Ćulumarević
Eline De Moor
AI Captain
Vincent Buyssens
Art Director Live
Aäron Beyers
Emma Keymeulen
Art Director Animation
Koen De Gussem
Set Production
Emiel Gallet
Kobe Viaene
Mathias Van Sele
1st AC
Evert Rogiers
Props & Grip
Wino Hoogerwijs
Make-up Artist
Joy Brabant
Ibram Uytterschaut
Animation & Compositing
Bavo Croes
3D Animation
Frederik Mertens
Thomas Lambrechts


Marleen Verschroeven

Thanks to

Louis Gheyssens
Thierry Willer
Dimitri Van Hoe