The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) wanted to give anaesthesiologists more recognition and show what their job actually entails. We created a video that showed just how pivotal anaesthesiologists really are to the healthcare sector.

It’s often said that animation is useful for explaining things while live is better at conveying emotion - but that’s not necessarily true. Just look at the first few seconds of the video. Here, our audience starts as the subject of the video, which helps to immerse the viewer. Meanwhile, the use of light and depth of field help set the scene.

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Since we decided to go for a testimonial-like approach, we invested quite some time in finding the right voice for our video. They needed to convince the audience, not just with what they said, but also with how they sounded.

(01)  — credits

Producer: Christine Van Nuffel

Account Manager: Martin Callebaut

Art Director: Michael Backaert

Motion Design: Bavo Croes, Sebastien Deom

Sound: Leander Leenders

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