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For Vlaeynatie, a European port logistics company we were tasked to make a company video that doesn’t feel like yet another company video. The video needed to be high-end, smooth, and emphasize innovation without losing touch with the human aspect. So, we set things in motion

Drones allow us to get an aerial overview without having to use expensive cranes. Their added value is huge as they can even be used to create fluid shots within the factory. The only downside is getting the right permits and finding a decent “drone driver”. For this video, we decided to combine our drone shots with animation to give the video its unique feel and flow.

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After the live video was shot and the edit was made, we guided the audience through the video by making smart use of animation. Since Vlaeynatie is in logistics, this seemed like the ultimate way to show the viewer how product comes in via waterways and roads, goes through production and ends up with us.

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