AI Creative

Alignment workshop

Aligning the creative mind with the algorithm.

(01)  —  workshop objectives

Today you

  • know AI is poised to disrupt your company, but feel overwhelmed by the sheer impact and velocity of this technology.
  • want to understand how Generative AI works and how it will impact the creative industry.
  • want your creative team to be aligned with AI so they are ready for the age of Generative AI and Liquid Content.

You will be able to

  • determine which tools are relevant to your creative team and clients, based on the Starhaven Creative AI Alignment framework. 
  • write prompts for a wide suite of Generative AI Tools (Midjourney, Chat GPT, Stable Diffusion, …).
  • integrate Generative AI tools into your existing creative workflows.
  • develop new AI-driven workflows.
(02)  —   what to expect

Get Inspired

AI is a calculator for the creative mind. Learn how you can use the power of AI to unburden yourself and turn this disruptive technology into a collaborative force. We’ll demystify the algorithm for you and tailor its unbound potential to you.

Why Generative AI?

Basic introduction to Generative AI.


We’re not going to dump dozens of tools on you. Instead, we’ll focus on changing your perspective so you can take full advantage of AI instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Unburden & Augment

Learn how to both offload routine tasks and augment your imagination using the power of Generative AI.

(02)  —   what to expect

Get To Work

Turn algorithms and alignment strategies into creative prompts, enhanced workflows, and new types of content. After this workshop, you’ll know everything it takes to become a Prompt Crafter and Synthographer.

Prompt Crafting

Prompts are very tool and use-case specific, but in our workshop, you’ll learn how to converse with Chat GPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, …


Syntography or designing with the aid of AI not only requires a firm basis in prompt crafting, it also needs a clear creative vision. In this part of the workshop, you’ll learn how to atomize your creative process and understand how to fit in Generative AI in the equation.


The third stage of AI Alignment is using your augmented imagination to chain different AI tools and workflows into something truly novel. No gimmicks, but truly elevated creativity.

(03)  —  practical






Half day

3 StoryMe'ers

Our Ghent office or yours




Max. 8 participants

Our team


AI Captain


Creative Brand Strategist


Creative Director