DIY workshop

Not every video needs a big budget, sometimes a smartphone is enough.

(01)  —  workshop objectives

Today you

  • want to create your own video content without investing big budgets.
  • see the rise of DIY video content on social channels and want to know more.
  • need your in-house team to be inspired and educated on the DIY approach.

You will be able to

  • create video content with a smartphone for internal & external communication.
  • work with video equipment and editing apps.
  • understand the essentials when creating snackable social-proof video.
  • write a script or scenario that works for video creation.
  • plan a shoot in the most efficient way.
(02)  —   what to expect

Get inspired

An inspired mind creates more. Learn what you can do with video and more importantly, what video can do for your team. We'll inspire you with best practices, cases and examples tailored to you.

Why video?

Basic theory on why video is a valuable communication tool.


Examples related to your video content and sector.


Creating content is easy, making sure it creates impact on social is not.

(02)  —   what to expect

Get to work

Roll up your sleeves, it's time for action! In the 2nd half of our workshop, we'll show you step by step how to create and produce your own video.


We’ll teach you how to - write your own script, draw a storyboard and prepare your shoot in the best possible way.


Learn how to use your smartphone to create the best shots. Get insights on how to use light, sound and location to your advantage. Best practices on how to behave in front and behind the camera.


You’ll go home with relevant and interesting tools to use in order to create your own video. Video editing is not included in the basic version of this workshop.

(03)  —  practical






Half day

2 StoryMe'ers

Our Ghent office or yours

Breakfast & lunch



Max. 10 participants

Our team


Art Director Film


Senior Producer