Strategic workshop

We want to help you create smart(er) video content.

(01)  —  workshop objectives

Today you

  • use video but not to its full potential, you’re not getting the results you want
  • need an analysis of what you’re doing right and wrong for your target audience
  • could use an extra pair of eyes on your content and marketing plans to expand your potential
  • are not doing anything with the data you’re getting from video content or setting the right KPIs
  • are not using video as a strategic tool to help achieve your goals

You will be able to

  • set the foundation of a relevant video content plan, with concrete KPIs to track
  • use your channels to your advantage and leverage all features to get better results
  • add relevant video content that reaches its goals to your marketing plan
  • know how your competition is presenting themselves and how you can differentiat
  • find a video first solution to one of your most prominent business problems
(02)  —   what to expect


Before we can get started we need some input from your side. What you would like to achieve with this workshop?

Let's ask some questions

  • What is your need/goal/KPI's? This can be more then 1 objective
  • What sector are you in and/or will your videos be in?
  • What kind of video do you need input on? Specific kind of video? E.g.: Instructional, Newsletter, Social, … Or the whole marketing plan?
  • Does this fit into a larger content or marketing plan?
  • Who is the target audience of the content you want to discuss?
  • On what channels are you active today?
(02)  —   what to expect


Get all the strategic video insights related to your field and discuss them with your team during our interactive exercises.


  • Competitor analysis, content analysis and target audience analysis
  • Creation of a content plan based on your main topic of the day
  • Setting up relevant video & campaign KPI's Best practices on (specific) communication
  • Best practices on (specific) communication Channels
  • Video formats to nurture and accommodate your goals
  • Examples and cases relevant to your topic or existing marketing plan
(02)  —   what to expect



  • PDF export of the workshop with all the exercises and answers of you and your team.
  • A post-workshop recap document that summarises the main focus and conclusions of the day so you can define next steps.

(03)  —  practical






Half day

3 StoryMe'ers

Our Ghent office or yours

Breakfast & lunch



Max. 6 participants

Our team


Creative Brand Strategist


Art Director Film


Head of Production