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December 10, 2020

4 Ways to Use Video for Brand Awareness


At StoryMe, we believe moving your prospects through the marketing funnel is all about speaking to them with the right content at the right time. But, first things first: people need to know about your brand's existence and business. This brand awareness is something you can only establish with great content: visually appealing content that shows who you are and how you might be able to help provide your target audience with something they need. Read on to learn how online video can package your story in a sharable format that captures the attention!

1. Tease your audience with short & snappy social videos

Teaser videos about your product or service are great to generate brand awareness through your social media profiles. This video type should be snackable, light and super easy to consume. Make sure it grabs the attention from the get-go by using visuals that stand out & by targeting it to exactly the right audience.

Product teasers work best in square or vertical format, and they should make sense both with and without sound. Because remember, most people watch social stories or news feed video without sound. Using captions/text on screen is often a good idea!

Video view count
👀 is the most important metric at this stage - you're aiming for maximum exposure so spend enough time & effort on distribution and promotion across your channels!

2. Show your business in a company explainer video

Explain your business by showing what your company does and what it can mean to others! Explainer video helps your audience understand your product, service and vision. Let people connect with your story! Company explainers should be all about perfectly clear and easy to consume communication.

What's great is that explainer videos are very multifunctional! They often get a primary spot on a company website, but can also be used to promote your business on many other channels, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

In order to communicate the full scope of their world changing work, IMEC needed a dynamic live explainer that could highlight its business and complex mission.

3. Create a video that answers a common question

People are using search engines more than ever as soon as any type of question pops up in their had. The best possible response they could get? A clear video answer! YouTube is today's second largest search engine, and Google serves up more and more video in their search results. So why not use this opportunity to showcase your brand? If you create a video that answers a common question and gives actionable advice, your audience can be driven to this content type via SEO, your website and your social channels.

Videos like this one by Lay's make people curious to know more!

4. Attract attention with a brand video for YouTube

A brand video is mostly about what you want people to associate with your brand - what do you want them to feel or think when they picture your brand and see your videos? For a good brand video, you need to show your brand in an eye-catching video that oozes your brand identity. Captivate your audience with beautiful visuals or compelling storytelling!

Short & sweet brand videos like the following example from Ardennes-etape are perfect to use as a YouTube pre-roll. This means you roll your video before another video someone wants to watch. This can be seen as interruptive, but if you do it well, you're just providing an entertaining break! For Ardennes-Etape, we also made a different version for friends, so we could target the right audience with a tailored video to increase our impact.

Of course, these are just some of the ways you can work on your brand awareness. The possibilities are endless, really! But these 4 video types are the ones that have worked best in our experience. Oh, and one last tip: make sure you think about what your brand should represent, first! Awareness starts with strong branding, and strong branding means people will recognize your videos even if they're not showing your brand name or logo all over the place.

Want to learn more about which videos work best for each stage of the funnel? Get in touch.



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