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September 19, 2022

Four End of Year video formats you should consider now


You probably aren’t thinking about the frosty end of the year yet - even though this rainy weather doesn't exactly put you in a summer mindset. But in order to create a great video to say goodbye to 2023, you better start preparing now. So, let us inspire you with these four kick-ass End of Year video formats!

End of year wishes

Walmart's 2020 End of Year video is a great example that pairs an authentic and human feel with a more whimsical and poetic aspect, thanks to the combination of live video and animation. They chose to show the real, everyday environment - even though a Walmart shop isn’t the most exciting place.

To make it more enticing, they enhanced this setting by adding animated features, which at the same time strengthen the key message. It’s perfect for inspiring messages, thanks to the tone of voice and the use of an actual Walmart employee.

Or what do you think of our own Christmas video for 2021? We shot this one at our own homes, since, you know, corona 😉

But it doesn’t have to be a live video - you could also opt for an animated version. What’s great about this, is that you can incorporate your branding easily into these kinds of video. And, since animated video has the flexibility to create a fictional world and story, the holidays are the perfect time to push some boundaries and put a smile on your employees or clients’ faces. Like this example, filled with some dark humor 😉

This format is great for both internal and external communication, such as:

  • Thanking your employees
  • Communicating your company values
  • Share your aspirations for the new year

Themed logo animation

Looking for something that will delight your clients or employees? Go for a unique, Christmas-themed logo animation! Not only is it entertaining to watch, it can create a fun buzz for your brand. Maybe you could even become the next Google and change your logo every so often? 😉

Not feeling the Christmas spirit? No worries, this kind of animation is also great for a company branded countdown!

And those are just two examples of what can be done with animation - the sky's the limit! As we told you earlier in this blogpost, animation allows you to do virtually anything. So don’t hold back and let your creativity flow freely! (Or you know, you could just book a call with us to do that for you).

These formats are great to use for:

  • Your website
  • E-mail signatures
  • Social media
  • Newsletter

Christmas themed live commercial

Why not make use of the momentum and put your product or service in the spotlight during those holly jolly holidays? A live commercial is the perfect setting to showcase that. For McAlson, for example, we created a more festive version of their ongoing campaign. By reusing the same format, we allowed for maximum recognizability.

Use this format if:

  • You want to focus on selling, not (only) branding
  • Want to showcase certain products or services
  • Are planning to run online ads or tv commercials

Year in review

Let's be honest, who ever reads an annual report from beginning to end? Throw the stats and numbers about your company's activities into a video that your audience will actually watch! This format is great to showcase your data and achievements of 2023, and even your goals and dreams for 2024.

Or why not showcase your client’s data? A famous example is the Spotify Wrapped the streaming service releases each year - no denying you spent hours listening to Nickelback anymore though. Another great example is Strava:

This format is great for

  • Great to showcase numbers, goals and achievements of the past year
  • Can be used for an internal or external audience
  • Great foundation for a bigger marketing campaign and customer retention

These are just four great examples of formats you could use, but it’s just a start - there’s a lot more possible!

Excited to create your own End of Year video? Let’s talk 👋



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