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March 16, 2021

StoryMe empowers inspiring international economic revolution


Broederlijk Delen launched its new campaign "The 25% Revolution", a short documentary about system change. It exposes that the current economic model of unlimited growth is unsustainable and that we must look for alternative methods to our way of life.

Be a part of The 25% Revolution

StoryMe came up with the concept and collaborated with sustainable film production house to create a powerful storyline that delivers a unified message: It only takes 25% of the population to bring about change. 25%, that’s how big a minority needs to be in order to reorient society. The documentary gives the stage to inspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs like Kate Raworth, Robby Moors and Barbara Trachte. Real "doers" that share their stories and obstacles, as well as how we can overcome these obstacles together. They motivate us to be better entrepreneurs.

"It’s a goal that StoryMe is happy to support. We are all responsible for the world of tomorrow, and every individual can think with us, change with us, and be part of The 25% Revolution.”

Dimitri Van Hoe CEO StoryMe

Video to incite systemic change

Any change requires courage and rebellious action. The purpose of this documentary is to help people understand what systemic change is and to spur them into action. Through this mini documentary, we’re looking for the rebels of today and how they can inspire us!

“The idea arose from the fact that systemic change in the past has always come from a form of rebellion. The 25% Revolution wants to inspire with a peaceful form of it, but with powerful voices that say things should and can be better, and you are in control.”

Tone De Cooman Creative Director at StoryMe

Video is a powerful medium to achieve this. We strongly believe in our mission 'Video First', and the impact that video has on getting the message out there, and reaching the broadest possible audience of volunteers & individuals that want to get involved.

“By choosing a long form format, you can bring the full story, let different voices speak, and evoke the right emotions. Through testimonials, we create awareness and inspire others to take action.”

Dries Coomans Director StoryMe

The full documentary premiered on Tuesday, March 16th and you can re-watch the full documentary here or via Facebook and YouTube. In addition to the experts that speak in the documentary, you will hear key figures discussing the matter during the panel discussion afterwards, including Nick Meynen (European Environmental Bureau), Katelijne Suetens (Broederlijk Delen) and Dries Coomans (StoryMe).

Following the premiere of the Dutch version of the documentary, other European releases are planned for April 22 in Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia and Hungary.


  • Directors: Dries Coomans | Bastiaan Lochs
  • Creative Director: Tone De Cooman
  • Creative Producer: Bastiaan Lochs
  • Screenplay: Bastiaan Lochs | Peter Detailleur
  • Director of Photography: Kamiel Doens
  • Sound Operator: Feras Daouk
  • Editors: David Struik | Ines Den Hollander
  • Editor Supervisor: Jonathan Van Hemelrijck
  • Project Manager: Barbara Boens
  • Account Manager: Jeffrey Jones
  • Scriptwriter: Kobe Viaene
  • Concept: Tanguy De Muynck
  • Traffic Manager: Feline Taveirne
  • Art Director: Michael Backaert
  • Illustrations: Sébastien Deom
  • Animation: Renaat Stuijk | Bavo Croes
  • Voice-Over: Maaike Cafmeyer | Marieke Van Hooff
  • Sound Design: Leander Leenders | Iavor Angelov
  • Sound Studio: Sonhouse
  • Color Grading: Kamiel Doens

Special thanks to

  • Barbara Trachte
  • Bruno Delepierre
  • John Vandaele
  • Jonas Mallisse
  • Kate Raworth
  • Maria José Andrade Tafur
  • Nick Meynen
  • Robby Moors
  • Stijn Vanhoestenberghe
  • Tom Troonbeeckx
  • Wietse Vermeulen
  • Karel Ceule
  • Marijke Moyson

With the support of

  • EEB
  • MAVA Foundation
  • The LIFE Programme of the European Union
  • Trends Leerstoel Economie van de Hoop



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