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A Day in the Life of an Animation Art Director at StoryMe


May 06, 2021

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Meet Renaat, Animator & Art Director at StoryMe! You've seen us produce a fair share of animation videos in the past five years, but do you really know what an animator's job entails? And how does Renaat combine it with Art Direction? To get a look behind the scenes, we asked him to film his day through Instagram Stories and interviewed him about the perks and challenges of his job!

What does a Creative Art Director do at StoryMe? 🐧

"A Creative Art Director is basically an Art Director who also takes part in the creative process. The Art Direction side of my role means I think of the concept, style and storyboard together with the client. The Animation side means that, later in the production process, I actually also do the animation or motion design on the project. So once I've created a concept that the client is happy with, I brief the illustrator to make the visuals, and then I bring these visuals to life with animation!"

Want to see what a day in the life of a Renaat looks like? Let him show you! 🎥

What do you 💛  most about your job?


“My number one favorite thing is definitely the fact that I get to let my creativity run wild every day. We never make the same video twice - so I constantly get to think of new concepts, styles and animations. My favorite type of videos to make are either abstract videos like the one I made for MySmartBottle, or short & snappy social teasers with powerful text-on-screen like this one for the Bullshitfree generation."

"I have to add that the StoryMe family is also a huge reason why I love my job. The atmosphere is great, and that's all thanks to the people - read: friends - I get to work with every day."

What's your biggest challenge? 👊

"Sometimes companies come to us with a very abstract or difficult topic to visualize. For example, IMEC needed a video to showcase a new chip at their event, but the chip didn't exist yet. It was hard to visualize it without ever having seen it, but in the end we made it work with a nice 3D animation:

"A creative job is amazing, but it can also be a challenge to stay creative. That's why we have inspiration groups, and I also started the MILF - Motion, Illustrators, Live Family 😉 - meeting to discuss upcoming trends, tips & tricks and give feedback on each other's work. This helps us to keep learning from each other's expertises!"

Which achievement are you most proud of? ⭐️

"What I'm most proud of at StoryMe - except for being part of our all-time kick-ups record ⚽️ - is the fact that I started here as a Motion designer and eventually got the chance to combine my passion for animation with being an Art Director. Now, I can create videos from concept to end result, and that's really satisfying. One of the projects I enjoyed most is this Telenet project, which i created from storyboard to end result:

Interested in becoming part of our team? Renaat is looking for new colleagues! 🤝 
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