In order to improve patient communication, Bayer & StoryMe collaborated on creating e-learning solutions. See how they created videos in healthcare to educate young patients on the importance of adhering to their treatment.







The challenge

Helping patients to take control over their own treatment.

After using several means of communication such as brochures, their website and even theater, Bayer was looking for a strong, powerful and visual way to communicate with patients suffering from haemophilia. Young patients don’t always follow up on the treatment, so it was important to communicate with them efficiently in a way that would speak to them.


The solution

Increase the impact of patient communication with video & animation.

The ideas behind each e-learning video came during a full day Video Strategy workshop where the Bayer team learned about video strategy, how to write a script and how to turn a message into a video. During this workshop, our Art Director, Thomas Vandenbroucke and our copywriter, Kobe, worked on scripts that would translate Bayer’s message into clear, memorable and appealing stories fit for video.

One of the e-learnings created talks about bleeding that occurs in hemophilia.

Another example illustrates female hemophilia.

This series of e-learning videos was created with 3 different uses in mind:

The result

Patients are more informed and health professionals can communicate more efficiently thanks to this scalable new video solution.

Through animation and video, Bayer found an alternative to change the way of communication and really connect with the target group. They realised that communication in healthcare is evolving and video will definitely be an important instrument to educate patients in the future.

“StoryMe really made an impression with their professionality, but also with the communication. They were nice and easy going, ready to take on the project with a lot of motivation”

Jeroen Dekeye

Medical Science Liaison Hematology at Bayer

“To me, StoryMe is a new partner in finding solutions to approach patients in a better way.”

Nick Van Gilsen

Sales & Marketing Manager

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