VREG - A new perception!

Change the perception around VREG and the new capacity regulation by getting people to fill in the simulator.







The challenge

The Vlaamse Regulator van de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt (VREG) is an autonomousservice responsible for the regulation, control and promotion of transparency of the electricityand natural gas market in the Flemish Region.

Due to a new regulation, in 2022 the electricity bill will be calculated differently and peoplewho have solar panels will no longer be entitled to the recurring counter. This caused a hugecommotion while, according to the VREG, this was unnecessary. They were convinced thatthe new arrangement would not incur additional costs and were able to demonstrate this witha simulator.

The solution

To make people see the light (literally), we wanted to bring out the positive aspect ofelectricity. We showed the hectic life at home and made the viewer aware that electricity is often used for that purpose.

We chose an energetic style and colorful characters moving away from the classic Flemishfamily by playing the card of diversity. The family featured in the video is a real family which adds enormously to the authenticity of the film. This, combined with the playful animationand the dynamics in the edit, take it to the next level. At the end of the video, viewers could click through to the simulator to chart their own consumption.

The result

After seeing the video, a huge number of viewers clicked into the online simulator to see what effect the new regulations had on their consumption. The video prompted 18.231 people to inform themselves by filling in the simulator.

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